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MgO Insulated Thermocouple Assemblies

Trutemp Sensors, Inc. MgO insulated thermocouple assemblies consist of a thermocouple element embedded in hard packed Magnesium Oxide insulation and encased in a fully annealed metal sheath. This construction allows for improved thermal response, longer life and greater flexibility than in normal beaded and insulated types. These MgO types can be bent in a radius approximately twice the diameter of its outer sheath without risk of damage. Trutemp Sensors, Inc. MgO thermocouples are available in a wide variety of calibrations, sheath materials and diameters. Standard styles and materials are listed in the following selections but many other varieties are available upon request.

Connector Type

Head Type

Leadwire Type

Industrial Process Type

Pipe & Ceramic Tube Thermocouple Assemblies

Pipe Type

Ceramic Tube Type

Thermocouple Elements & Protection Tubes

Base Metal Elements

Noble Metal Elements

Metal & Ceramic Protection Tubes

Vacuum Furnace/High Temperature Thermocouples

Metal Alloy Sheath Type

Ceramic Sheath Type

Bayonet , Tube & Wire Type Thermocouples                 (Plastic Industry Type Thermocouples)

Bayonet Type

Immersion Type

Wire, Tube & Washer Type

Melt Bolt Type


RTD (Resistance Temperature Detector) Assemblies

Trutemp Sensors, Inc. RTD assemblies are designed to provide an extremely precise, stable and repeatable temperature measuring device. All our constructions are made with the finest quality components including tightly controlled platinum wire and high purity ceramic components. Standard assemblies conform to DIN specification 43760 and have a temperature coefficient of 0.00385 ohms/ohm/C. Other resistance values, materials and temperature coefficients are available. Trutemp Sensors Inc. RTD’s are designed to meet a wide variety of process and laboratory applications and are offered in two different process temperature ranges. Low range RTDs  0 to 204C ( 32 to 400F ) and High range RTDs -200 to 600C ( -328 to 1112F ). The standard constructions shown on the following pages are just a sampling of the wide variety of styles that are available upon request.

Connector Type

Head Type

Leadwire Type

Industrial Process Type

Sanitary Type


Thermocouple Wire

Insulated Wire

Bare Wire



Reduced Tip Threaded Type

Straight Threaded Type

Heavy Duty (Tapered) Threaded Type

Flanged Type

Socket-Weld Type

Weld-In Type

Sanitary Cap Type


Connectors and Accessories


Connector Stripanels

Heads & Terminal Blocks

Mounting Fittings

Ceramic Insulators

Hardware and Miscellaneous Accessories

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